Social Media Governance in Federal Agencies

In 2011 organizations are increasingly moving from prohibiting social media tools or merely experimenting with them to incorporating them into key work processes. And government is certainly no exception – in fact, many agencies have created presences on commercial services like Facebook and Twitter and have begun to put together “command centers” with comprehensive listings of all their social activities.

But as these tools are used to conduct government business, the information created through them has to be managed just as any other type of information created through more traditional means. This means that agencies have to incorporate social media into their existing governance structures where they exist and to the extent they are applicable.

At the same time, social technologies present some unique challenges including co-creation, fragmentation, aggregation, and geolocation. These make it much more difficult to simply extrapolate and apply existing information management practices to social content.

In my workshop on social media governance, taking place at FOSE on Wednesday, July 20th at 1:30pm, I will begin by outlining the elements of an effective governance framework including roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, technology, and change management.

Next, I will describe some specific policy statements to include in a comprehensive social media policy. I will draw heavily from a number of existing Federal and other agencies’ social media policies.

Finally, I will describe specific steps agencies can take today to capture and manage social content as part of an effective records management program. As part of that discussion I will review existing guidance from NARA as well as resources from ACT-IAC, the CIO Council, ARMA, AIIM, and the IBM Center for the Business of Government. I will also discuss ways to address the unique challenges identified above.


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